Francisco Javier Rey-Martínez

Thermal Engineering of University of Valladolid, Spain

PhD Francisco Javier Rey-Martínez is Full Professor in Thermal Engineering of University of Valladolid (Spain) and the Head of Research Group in Thermal engineering GIRTER. He founds the technology center CADE for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildigs and industry. From 1999 to 2001, he serves to the European Community as technical assessor for Energy Projects, and in 2002 he becomes member of the National Strategic Planning for Heat Pumps (ENBC MINER). He has also been member of a number of scientific comittees such as ATECYR, EUROTHERM, Konwakai International DAIKIN and member TRC of REHVA. Always he was Technical Adviser to the European Community Energy Projects of R+D (PTA). Among his publications are the more than 150 articles in national and indexed international journals of hight quality JCR as well as 20 books and technical guides. Supervisor of 25 PhD and Head of more 30 Reseach projects (EU,National) He was Director of two postgraduate courses of University -Expert in Renewable Energy -Expert in HVAC Engineering. This course has been awarded with the quality label of all degrees of the University. Professor in programmes international master and postgraduate in EU and Iberoamerica, guest in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. He has been awarded with the I National Award “García Ocejo” for quality of installations (Spain) 2000; the National Award of Renewable Energies (Spain) 2006; and the National Award of Environment (3M Foundation) 2007. ⇐Back