Prof. Livio Mazzarella

Full Professor of Building Physics and Building Energy System at Politecnico di Milano


  • PhD in Energy Engineering (1987) at the Politecnico di Milano;
  • 5 years master in mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Milano with specialization in Energy (1982);

Career Development

Mechanical engineer specialized in energy application at Politecnico di Milano (Technical University of Milan), he received his Ph.D. degree in Energetics in 1987 from the same institution. 

Full Professor of Building Physics and Building Energy System at Politecnico di Milano since 2000, he is currently teaching “Green Building Energy Systems” at the School of Industrial and Information Engineering and “Acoustics in Building” at the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering. In the near past, he also was the President of the Building Engineer Degree and Master Courses Council for 9 years and member of the board of the School of Architecture and Building Engineering.

He has made research in the fields of Renewable Energy, Applied Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Acoustics, as documented by more than 200 papers: specifically in Thermo-Fluid dynamics (Natural Convection), numerical modelling of the building and heating/cooling system performances, Energy in Building, Building Thermophysics, Thermal conversion of solar energy, Thermal energy storage (interseasonal and short-term, heat pumps), heat and moisture transfer in porous media, architectural and environmental acoustics. Research activity has also been carried out abroad, in Germany at the Institut für Thermodynamik und Wärmetechnik of the Stuttgart University, chaired by Prof.Erik Hahne, for one year. He has also been involved in several EU research projects under R&D UU programs, also in cooperation with the JRC-Ispra. 

Member of different standard working groups, at national and European level, in the field of energy in buildings, he is president of SC5-CTI (sub-committee of National Standard Organization) on HVAC and CTI Council Member nominated by The Ministry of the Research and University Education. He was for four terms member of the board of AICARR (Italian Associations of Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration and Ventilation) and two times president of the International Relationship Committee; he now member of the AiCARR Council for the term 2023-2026. He was also member of the board of Italian section of IBPSA (International Buildings Performance Simulation Association) for two terms. He is REHVA Fellow (Federation of European HVAC Associations) and Vice-President being REHVA Board member; he is also currently member of the Technology and Research Committee (of which he was co-chair for several years), and chair of the Educational and Training Committee.  ⇐Back